How to fix cell phone dropped in water

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Ever had one of those moments with your cell phone when you know you are in trouble but are not sure what to do? For instance, if you drop your phone by accident in the bath off of the sill of the tub or into the sink while trying to talk and do the dishes at the same time? In retrospect, you probably knew that your phone should not have been so close to either of these locations, but knowing better will not help you now if you are frantically scanning the internet looking for how to fix cell phone dropped in water.

Half of the reason why dropping a cell phone into the water is so terrorizing is due to the fact that if you have done this before or already called your cell phone company you know that water damage is not covered in a cell phone insurance plan. This means that despite the fact it was an accident in the same manner as dropping your phone may have been, there is no remedy for fixing the problem. Instead, you now are forced with large repair bills and the direct possibility that instead of finding a fix for your waterlogged cell phone, that you will need to shell out some money for a new one. Of course, the even larger problem is that the cost of a replacement phone is likely to be sky high, especially if you just purchased your new cell phone from your carrier. This is because they are willing to offer you free phones or huge discounts if you are willing to sign into one of their contracts. Chances are you already signed into a contract so now you are stuck with paying the bill every month without a phone. After all, they already have your business so it no longer concerns them if you have the top cell phone or not which works out against you despite what you would like to believe.

The good news is that even if you do not have the money to purchase a new phone or pay the repair costs associated with water damage you may be able to fix cell phone dropped in water if you know the proper techniques. There are several ways to fix a cell phone such as using rice to draw out the moisture inside the phone or using a Dri-Z-Air unit to do essentially the same thing. In order for either of these methods to work however you need to make sure that you get the battery out as soon as possible and refrain from turning your cell phone on after it gets dropped in the water since this will fry out its circuits.

As an alternative to these methods, or if your phone was dropped in water that may have a lot of chlorine or other chemicals such as a swimming pool, you can also take out the sim card and battery and drop your phone into a container filled with alcohol. The alcohol will help push the water out of your cell phone while also cleaning it as well. After five minutes in the alcohol take the device out and leave it in a warm place for an hour or two. Once it is completely dry you can put it back together and if luck is on your side there is a good chance that your cell phone will be usable again.