Tips to repair a cell phone dropped in water

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Most people have no problem signing into a two year contract with a mobile provider if it means that they get an expensive cell phone for practically nothing, and in some cases completely free. However, the problem with this scenario is that as great as it may seem it does not take into account the fact that over twenty percent of all new cell phones will face problems within their first year of use. This means that you run the risk of signing into a two year contract with a cell phone that will only last you for one month due to the high potential for problems or damage. The scenario only gets worse if the type of problem that you face is cell phone repair water damage. Water damage overall is like the black plague of cell phones because it is the one type of damage that you cannot expect a carrier or manufacturer to repair even with insurance. In fact, most insurance plans specifically state in their contracts that cell phone repair water damage is off limits in terms of coverage. In other words, if you damage your phone due to exposure or submersion in water you are out of luck when it comes to getting your cell phone replaced for free or at least at a lowered cost.

The real problem comes when you head back to your carrier due to cell phone repair water damage and look for a good deal on a replacement phone, because guess what, chances are there will not be a deal waiting for you. This is due to the fact that they already have you signed into a contract and thus do not need to entice you to stick with them. Whether you have a phone that works or not they already get their money which unfortunately spells out disaster for you. There is no use in lying about the water damage to your cell phone either, because the technicians can see that a phone is damaged once they open up the device and look at the water damage strip which changes color once it is touched by water. In other words, if you get water on your device you will have to find some way out or a repair service otherwise you will end up with a device that now not only does not work but is costing you money on your contract each month. This is possibly the worst place to be stuck in. However, instead of panicking about the situation, you may try heading to the kitchen for a bowl of rice. As crazy as it may sound, placing a wet cell phone into a bowl of rice can actually help take the moisture out of the phone and restore it to working order. In order to speed up the process make sure that you also take the battery and sim card out and place them separately into the bowl of rice.

A sealed container will make the process work even quicker. With any luck, so long as you do not turn your cell phone back on by leaving it in the rice overnight you can wake up and put the pieces back together to discover your cell phone once again works just like new.