About JJ Electrocity In Philadelphia

JJ Electrocity is a one stop shop for all of your mobile phone needs as the technology store specializes in providing customers with a wide range of mobile services all from within their stores. It is located in Philadelphia and specializes in repairing cell phones, selling contracts, and providing broadband services for both cellular phones and home lines.

For those who are looking for a new cell phone contract and want tailored customer service to explore their options JJ Electrocity offers contracts for AT&T (formally Cingular), Verizon, and Sprint. They also are able to offer a wide array of options for those who are looking for a new phone to go with their new service.

Additionally, JJ Electrocity also offers contracts for home broadband and mobile broadband packages through Clear Internet Service. There are a wide variety of bundled services available to meet every customer's individual needs.

However, outside of these services, JJ Electrocity specializes specifically in repairing broken cell phones or cell phones that has been damaged due to a wide variety of problems. For example, they provide service for phones that have faced water damage and no longer appear to be operable or for cell phones that simply need a new battery. Due to their large stock of cell phones they are able to provide battery and charger replacements for most models of contemporary cell phones.

Other repair services that are available at JJ Electrocity include keyboard cleaning and repair for lose keys or sticky keys that make a cell phone hard to use or keys that need to be placed back into the keypad. Additionally, JJ Electrocity is able to service LCD screens on cell phones that are cracked, fuzzy, or are damaged from water exposure. In the worst case scenario when repair is no longer an option the stores also carry replacement screens which they will be able to switch out for you.

Due to the wide array of services that are available at JJ Electrocity there is little that you can need for a cell phone that the store and associates are not able to help you with.